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About is a small (mostly solo) studio that builds apps for Shopify point of sale. Apps built by Countertop aim to:

  • Enable more retailers to use Shopify Point of Sale by solving common use cases
  • Create a better environment for staff by reducing manual and repetitive work
  • Create a better experience for customers by providing more flexibility instore
  • Keep instore software up to date with the latest point of sale updates from Shopify

Who is is built and run by me (Josh Bitossi). I started working with the Shopify platform in 2013 while working in retail - tasked with rebuilding a shop's online store. Soon after I developed my first public Shopify app to help retailers organise instore pickups.

In 2017 I joined Shopify as one of the early team members in APAC. I helped launch hundreds of Plus merchants around the world before narrowing down to work directly with more established merchants like JB HiFi, Culture Kings & PETStock.

In the mean time I developed and scaled tools trusted by thousands of Slack teams to schedule messages and create forms.

In 2023 I left Shopify to focus on building software tools that help other businesses.